NEO Price Analysis: NEO rising upwards, can it touch $11.21 by tomorrow?

NEO started off at the level of $12.40 on 25-July-19 at about 13:00 UTC time. It started to decline post the said date with marginal rise in the price over the next day. There was a very sharp fall on 27-July-19 with NEO prices falling as low as $11.14 at 10:25 UTC time. Till the next day the prices were moving at a gradual pace before it saw a steep fall again at 22:25 UTC on 28-July-19 with prices reaching $10.62. Despite the fall, NEO has managed to bounce back quite well.Since past 2 days, NEO seems to have gathered back its efficiency and at the time of rising this analysis, it is slowly reflecting a rise in the prices.

Let us observe the performance of the coin since past 25-July-19:

Current Data of NEO:

  • Ranking of the coin is at number 16.
  • Market value of NEO was $782,160,673 at 05:34 UTC time.
  • Price of the coin is $11.08 at 06:00 UTC time.
  • 24-hour volume figures are $226,378,865
  • 70,538,831 NEO coins are being traded.
  • ROI of the coin stands at 6,023.55%.

NEO Price Comparison and Future Predictions:

If we analyse the price of the coin since its lowest value of $10.62 of 28-July-19 and the present price, NEO is reflecting a bullish trend by 4%.

We anticipate that NEO will slowly continue to show an upward trend and can reach $11.21 by tomorrow. By the next month, the coin can reach up to $11.47.

We suggest to sell the NEO coins today as per the present trend of the coin. It if profitable to invest in the NEO coins from the long-term basis. Short term trading may not be that fruitful as it is expected to provide very good returns of more than 16% after the end of this year. NEO has great potential in the coming times and will prove to be a boon to the investors.