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TRON Marks Heavy Price Correction on 24-Hour Run

The last couple of days in TRON cryptocurrency have been quite scary. Today, the traders experienced heavy recovery, and the coin managed to reach above $0.011 within 7 hours of the opening. The investment in the TRX coin wouldn’t go futile. As per the current momentum, the traders are recommended to hold on to their investment. The long-term investment is speculated to bring high dividends to the investors in the coming period.

TRX/USD Price Chart

Tron (TRX) Price News

Over the last 3 days, the currency faced huge volatility. On March 27, TRON price was trading at a high of $0.012, and then, it started reflecting downside correction. Yesterday, the coin began dealing at $0.0110, and within the first hour, the TRX price dribbled to $0.0112 by a moderate fall of 2.28%. Later, the coin improved to $0.0113 and tried to hold the level but couldn’t manage and plunged to $0.0109.

From this low, the TRX price improved, and at 14:34 UTC, the price counter was spotted at $0.0112. Then again, the price plunged, and this time, the counter breached at $0.01024 by 2.70% loss in the price of TRON. The currency recovered to $0.0111 in the next 2 hours, and the price touched $0.0107 by 4.40%. Before closing, the currency spiked to $0.0108, but pullback pressure brought the TRX price back to $0.0106. The day-long movement brought a 7.54% regression.

Today, TRON started dealing with an astounding escalation. Within the first 5 hours, the currency touched $0.0112. Later, the TRX coin slipped to $0.0110, but again, it jumped and is now at $0.01127. The currency has already breached the immediate resistance level. The next resistance level at $0.0116 seems to be violated in the next few hours. The chances of crossing the major resistance level at $0.0118 by the end of the day.

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